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Inspired by love and his passion for music, Air Vander charges through life wowing audiences with his sublime violin playing. By the mid-1930's, Ari’s love for Jazz grows whilst German authorities restrict Jews from playing their own music, especially Jazz, and after one risky covert concert Ari’s music spirt is dashed.

The Night of Broken Glass.

Battling through the atrocities of the Holocaust, we follow Ari’s story, as he meets an old friend and learns to love music again. Intertwined with beautiful original music and featuring a haunting musical score, Broken Instruments is the story of how the power of music can bring people together, give them a sense of purpose and help them to survive unimaginable cruelty. ​

Written by William Varnam

Music and Lyrics by Phil Baggaley and Mark Edwards

Directed and Sound Design by Daniel Ellis

Songs sung by Kelsey Shaw and Mal Pope

Inspired by the factual book ‘Violins of Hope’ written by James A. Grymes.

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Dr Rabbi Barbara Borts

‘I was honoured to have helped the team which produced Broken Instruments with their pronunciations of Hebrew and Yiddish words. This care indicates how seriously they took this and indeed, they have created a moving, musically stunning drama about the Holocaust. It is both engaging as a drama, and as well, is a good educational tool’

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